A message with this record requests a list of existing TCP clients inside the own node. This is a nano service in the SYSTEM namespace.

The list of clients come back as an array of records. The type of each record is CRecordTcpClient.

  "id": "b6490ad1-e317-4001-950c-68d3c7f62850",
  "name": "TCP_GET_CLIENT_LIST",
  "isService": "true",
  "hasOtherSlots": "false",
  "description": "Get a list of TCP clients.",
  "namespaces": "SYSTEM",
  "slots": [
      "key": "1",
      "name": "CLIENTS",
      "answer": "false",
      "mandatory": "true",
      "type": "RECORD_ARRAY",
      "description": "The list of clients. TYPE of record: TCP_CLIENT"
} - Innovative Distributed System