CMessage is simply a container for the classes CEnvelope and CRecord.


There are two constructors for the class. The first one takes over the given components:

public CMessage(@NotNull final CEnvelope aEnvelope,
                @NotNull final CRecord aRecord);

The second constructor takes a template and is actually a copy constructor:

public CMessage(@NotNull final CMessage aTemplate);


Furthermore, there is a static method for reading the message from a DataInput stream:

public static CMessage fromStream(@NotNull final DataInput aStream) throws IOException;

Accordingly, there is also a method for writing to a DataOutput stream:

public void toStream(@NotNull final DataOutput aStream) throws IOException;


The two getter methods are:

@NotNull public CEnvelope getEnvelope();
@NotNull public CRecord getRecord();

CMessage supports equals() and hashCode(). - Innovative Distributed System