A workers, van Gogh

Removes a job from the job engine. It does not matter whether the job is still waiting to be started or has already been started.

This message is sent internally to the Job Engine when the removeJob() method is called. However, it can also be sent to an engine by its owner.

  "id": "a92405b8-00a9-4ff8-9384-a1cae191a91b",
  "name": "REMOVE_JOB",
  "isService": "false",
  "namespaces": "",
  "description": "Remove a job.",
  "slots": [
      "key": "1",
      "name": "JOB_ID",
      "direction": "REQUEST",
      "mandatory": "true",
      "type": "UUID",
      "description": "The Job ID."
} - Innovative Distributed System