Filters are used by the target monitor. They contain all components of a target address:


A constructor takes over the individual components of the filter:

public CTargetAddressFilter(@Nullable final IId aTID,
                            @Nullable final IId aNID,
                            @Nullable final CNodeId aNodeId,
                            @Nullable final CSegmentId aSegmentId);

Another constructor gets the components from a target address.

public CTargetAddressFilter(@NotNull final CTargetAddress aAddress);

There is still a static factory method, which constructs the components from primitives. As a reminder, IDs are constructed from integers, strings, or UUIDs.

public static CTargetAddressFilter fromObject(@Nullable final Object aTID,
                                              @Nullable final Object aNID,
                                              @Nullable final Object aNodeId,
                                              @Nullable final Object aSegmentId);


The components can be fetched via getter methods.

public IId getTID();
public IId getNID();
public CNodeId getNodeId();
public CSegmentId getSegmentId();


The class supports the equals() and hashCode() methods.

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