The logger configuration contains a list of LOG writers. It can also load the logger configuration from JAVA Preferences.

Fetching the LOG Configuration

The LOG configuration is fetched via a static method of the logger factory.

public static ILogConfiguration getConfiguration();


final ILogConfiguration config = CLoggerFactory.getConfiguration();

LOG Writers

There are methods for adding and removing LOG writers.

ILogConfiguration addWriter(@NotNull ILogWriter aWriter);
ILogConfiguration removeWriter(@NotNull ILogWriter aWriter);

Loading the logger configuration

The configuration of the individual writers and loggers are loaded from the JAVA Preferences.

ILogConfiguration readPreferences(@NotNull String aCompanyName,
                                  @NotNull String aNodeName) throws BackingStoreException;

The company name is always "sillysky", the node name is the ID of the desired node.

LOG configurations can also be stored in INI files. These are read from the kernel configuration when the node is started, transferred to the JAVA Preferences and afterwards this method is called.

If you have changed the logging configuration, it is necessary to call one more method.

void update();

This method updates all loggers. So the configuration is effective only after calling this method. - Innovative Distributed System