List of wellknown services

This list briefly describes various services that are registered at the service registry.

Class Module/Plugin Properties Description
IHelperForLocalMicroServices NY_MicroServicePlugIn The service simplifies the registration and de-registration of microservices.
IKernelConfiguration Kernel A service to access the configuration.
IMessageLoggerFactory Kernel A factory for creating message loggers.
IMessageSender Kernel The service that sends messages.
IMicroServiceRegistryCollector NY_MicroServicePlugIn This service collects broadcasts from microservice registries and facilitates sending messages to microservices.
INameDb Kernel A database where names for record IDs, targets, etc. can be stored. These names are then output in addition to the abstract IDs in the LOG, which makes the LOG much more readable.
INamespace Kernel nid=NamespaceID Namespaces are very important parts of the architecture of a node. They host the threads and targets and a nano service registry.
INamespaceFactory Kernel A factory for creating namespaces.
INamespaceRegistry Kernel A registry where all namespaces are registered.
INanoServiceRegistry Kernel nid=NamespaceID Nano service registries always belong to a namespace. This is where nano services are registered.
IRecordHelper Kernel A service to register nano services and observers.
IRecordRegistryHelper Kernel A service to register records and nano services.
IShutDown Kernel A service to shut down the node.
ISlotFactory Kernel A factory for creating record slots.
ITargetRegistry Kernel nid=NamespaceID Target registries always belong to a namespace. This is where targets are registered.
ITimerManager Kernel A service for the creation of timers. - Innovative Distributed System