This service provides a descriptive name for general IDs.

Get the service

The service is provided by the name database using a getter method.

final IGeneralIdDatabase db = nameDb.getGeneralIdDatabase();

Store an ID

void putName(@NotNull IId aId,
             @NotNull String aName);

Remove an ID

void removeName(@NotNull IId aId);

Get a name

If the ID does not exist in the map, the ID itself will be returned as String.

@NotNull String getName(@NotNull IId aId);

If the ID does not exist in the map, null is returned.

@Nullable String getNameOrNull(@NotNull IId aId);

Debug support

The logger has the name "de.sillysky.nyssr.impl.namedb.CGeneralIdDatabase".

Level INFO:
Output the number of IDs contained.

Level TRACE:
Output of all IDs and their names.

void dump();

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