A string property is a property class where key and value consist of strings.

The components of a string property are the key and the value.


The first constructor takes the components of the class.

public CStringProperty(@NotNull final String aKey,
                       @NotNull final String aValue);

This constructor takes key and value from a string in the form "key=value". A value "key" (where the value is missing) is also accepted, in which case the value is empty.
An empty key leads to an exception.

public CStringProperty(@NotNull final String aCombined) throws CException;

There is also a copy constructor.

public CStringProperty(@NotNull final CStringProperty aOther);


A random property can be created for testing purposes.

public static CStringProperty random();


The getter methods return the components of the property.

public String getKey();
public String getValue();

Stream I/O

This method writes a property to a DataOutput stream.

public void toStream(@NotNull final DataOutput aStream) throws IOException;

This method reads a property from a DataInput stream.

public static CStringProperty fromStream(@NotNull final DataInput aStream) throws IOException;

String I/O

The method generates a string in the form "key=value".

public String valueToString();

The method adds a property in the form "key=value" to a list.

public void valueToList(@NotNull final List<String> aList);


The class supports the equals and hashCode methods.

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